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From the mechanical manufacturing industry, automotive industry, printing and paper industry to the food and packaging industry, nearly all industries can make profits by the use of Rexroth electric drive and control technology. In a word: Whoever wants to automate highly his production process will not miss Rexroth.

All elements comprising successful automation program have all been tied up with the unique system module of Rexroth, such as the drive, the control, and the powerful framework for unified engineering design with user-friendly operation interface.

As a pioneer of controller and power control technology, Indramat offers ideal solution for customers in the field of "electronic driver and power control equipment" Indramat is an innovator in this product market, providing a myriad of proprietary motion control components.
IndraWorks: used for the integrated engineering software package for programming, parameter setting, operation, display and fault diagnosis;
IndraMotion: for the scalable system software platforms of high-performance motion control applications, include Indramotion MLD, Indramotion MLC, Indramotion MLP and Indramotion MTX;
IndraLogic: PLC solution in line with IEC international standard regarding intelligent automation application ;
IndraControl: standardized control and visualized hardware platform produce more transparent processing;
IndraDrive and IndraDyn: intelligent drive solutions and comprehensive motor series of high dynamic response, include the power unit (IndraDrive C converter, IndraDrive M inverter and IndraDrive M power module), the control unit (basic open-loop, basic analog loop, basic general-purpose single-axis, basic general-purpose dual-axis, and etc.), auxiliary elements (power supply filter, choke, motor filter, braking resistor, braking unit, DC bus capacitor, encoder , and etc.), solidified software, motors and gear boxs (IndraDyn S Synchronous servo motors, IndraDyn A asynchronous servo motors, IndraDyn L synchronous linear motor, IndraDyn H high-speed built-in motor, IndraDyn T synchronous torque motor), inverter and etc.
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