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As a department of the Eaton Group, Airflex specializes in the production of various models of clutches, brakes, and assemblies for heavy-duty machinery. Products are widely used in such industrial areas as petroleum, vessels, metallurgy, mining, metal processing, forestry, papermaking among others. Airflex is one of the world's largest manufacturer of industrial clutches and brakes.
Shanghai O&M provides types of Eaton Airflex clutch and detent assembly and parts.
Assembly includes: 18WCB224WCB236WCB436WCBD etc.
Types of parts include: dynamic friction plates, friction plates, seals, long bolts, short bolts, crop bolts, nuts, etc.
At present, Airflex products can be seen in oil rigs and workover rigs and other oilfield equipments (brakes or auxiliary braking systems) all over the world.
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