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Caterpillar is the largest earthwork and construction machinery manufacturer as well as a major supplier of diesel, natural gas engine and industrial gas turbine. I holds a world-leading position in construction machinery, mining equipment, diesel, natural gas engine and industrial gas turbine.

Characterized by fuel economy, strong power and durability, Caterpillar engines and generator units are setting and will continue to set new industry standards and models. Caterpillar is the only manufacturer in the world that owns ACERT technology. From road to sea, oasis to desert, or city to suburb, Caterpillar drive is everywhere.

Shanghai O&M supplies the Caterpillar oilfield engines (series C15, C18) and generator units.

Shanghai O&M provides original components of Caterpillar engines and generator units, including air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, booster pump, water pump, cylinder cover, bearing, fuel injection system element, bent axle, piston, piston ring, cylinder block, engine and generator, ignition plug, section thermostat, belts, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and etc.

In the petroleum and natural gas fields, Caterpillar series of 3400, 3500 diesel engines, fuel engines and generator units, as well as the series of C engines and generator units are powering the oil drill machines, workover rigs, cementing trucks, fracturing trucks and many other oil field equipments. Caterpillar 3406 generator units are widely used as camp electrical power in the oilfields.
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