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Honeywell is a diversified multinational company which plays a leading role in the world with regard to technology and manufacturing, its businesses involved cover ?the aviation products and services, housing and building control technology, ?industrial control technology, automation products, security products, specialty chemicals, electrons and advanced materials, as well as transportation and powertrain systems all over the world. Sensotec is Honeywell¡¯s subsidiary specializing in the production of transmitter.
The Sensotec products provided by Shanghai O&M include:
Pressure transmitter
Load sensor
Torque sensor
Reaction torque sensor
Acceleration Sensor
Displacement Sensor
Welding control products
Digital pressure gauge
Wireless sensor (for rotating machines)
Calibration equipment
In the oil and gas industry, Honeywell Sensotec products are not only widely used in terrestrial£¨land£© and marine petroleum equipments, but also are comprehensively applied in the industry¡¯s upstream, midstream and downstream.
The application of Sensotec in the upstream of petroleum industry: exploration (drilling), development and production.
The application of Sensotec in the midstream of petroleum industry: operation upgrade, pipe laying and oil transmission.
The application of Sensotec in the downstream of petroleum industry: oil refining, product manufacture, product marketing and retail networks.
Sensotec weighing sensors, tension sensors, mud pressure transmitters and other relevant products are used in drill system (rotary system, circulatory system, lift system and power system); cable tension sensors are used in cable systems; pressure / tension sensors are used in coiled tubing vehicles (coil piping systems); Sensotec products are also used in the parking system and pull monitor system of the offshore platform.

Honeywell Sensotec products are also widely used in automobiles, medical equipments, aviations, materials testings, and food manufacturers.

Product Selection: Shanghai O&M will follow your demands to choose the right Honeywell products for you.

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