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SPM flow control
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Bendix provides safe and reliable air brake and pneumatic control systems for the development of Commercial Vehicle, and it also manufactures accessory products for Caterpillar, DDC, CUMMINS and etc. which are all world-renown brand of diesel engines.
Bendix products offered by Shanghai O&M include:
Air compressor (air pump): TU-FLO 500 / TU-FLO 700/ TU-FLO 1000 / TU-FLO 1400 / BA-921 / BA-922 and other models
Air dryers: AD-2 / AD-4 / AD-9 / AD-IP / AD-SP and other models
Various types of pneumatic valves: the shuttle valve, relief valve, quick release valve, foot brake valve, distribute valve which are commonly used in the oilfield equipment.
Brake System
Various types of spare parts for air compressors and dryers: maintenance package, piston ring, filter and etc.
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