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As the pioneering producer of slurry pump and fluid equipments in nature gas and oil field, SPM manufacturers a series of high-pressure piston pumps with the most complete variety and the most advanced technology, it also produces a variety of ?high-pressure combined manifolds and fluid control components. These products are widely used in the field of oilfield drilling, cementing, testing, acid fracturing, coiled tubing and sand control operations, and offshore platforms among others.
The SPM products provided by Shanghai O&M include:
High-pressure manifolds and fluid control products
Types of swivel joints: 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 80, 100, and etc
Butterfly valve
Check valve: flashboard, dart ,CO2
Plug valve
Relief valve
Hammer unit
Sur-Drop Ball Injector etc..
Types of SPM Piston pumps
Models include: TWS250Ħ˘TWS400Ħ˘TWS600SĦ˘TWS900Ħ˘QWS1000SĦ˘TWS2500Ħ˘QWS3500Ħ˘TMP1650 etc..
Provide the piston pump parts listed
Include: valvesĦ˘seatsĦ˘inserts, springs, the plunger pumps, oil seals, rings etc.. SPM valvesĦ˘seatsĦ˘inserts can be the backup of BJ, Gardner Denver, Halliburton, Oilwell NOV, Omega, Western and many other brands of pumps.
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