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CHELSEA is a subordinate department of Parker Hannifin Corporation. Established in 1945, CHELSEA has promoted changes and innovations in the powertrain field, and has innovatively developed the efficient powertrain system. CHELSEA¡¯s products ?have been widely used around the globe.
Shanghai O&M provides various series of CHELSEA PTO including:
Series 852, such as 852XGAKP-F6XS¡¢852XBAKP-B4XS which are frequently used in oilfield.
Series 859, such as 859XGFJP-D5XY£¬859XGFJP-D5XS
Other series: such as series 260 / 812 / 489 / 236 / 800 / 277 / 867 / 246 / 340 / 352 / 863
Product type selection: Shanghai O&M will offer you the right CHELSEA PTO based on your application requirements.
CHELSEA is the only PTO product that fully meets Allison gearboxes¡¯ rigorous requirements, which explains why where there is Allison gearbox, there is ?CHELSEA PTO in the oilfield devices.
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